Professional Development January 2016

Quantity and Quality Strategies

Quantity and Quality Strategies PPT (Spanish)

Strategic Partnering (Spanish)


* For videos related to Quantity and Quality go to QUANTITY AND QUALITY under VIDEOS LIBRARY


Calle Gallery Walk (Hojeada de la selección)

PPT With 1st Grade Example- El Gran Círculo (Spanish)

PPT With 3rd Grade Example- El más caliente, el más frío, el más alto, el más hondo (Spanish)

PPT With 5th Grade Example- La escalera para zorrillos (Spanish)

Calle Gallery Walk Protocol (Spanish)

Hand for Questioning (Spanish)


* For Gallery Walk and Spanish Focus Wall materials used at the PD go to MATERIALS under RESOURCES

* For videos where Gallery Walk is modeled go to  CALLE DE LA LECTURA LOWER GRADES and UPPER GRADES under VIDEOS LIBRARY



Introduction to AAPPL PPT (Spanish)

AAPPL PPT (Spanish)

AAPPL Reference Page