Sixth Grade


Spanish Language Arts Common Core

6th Grade Scope and Sequence


Content and Language Objective Formula

Annual Planning

Calle De La Lectura

How To Plan for Calle

Calle de la Lectura 15-Day Planning Guide for 6th Grade

Calle Lesson Plan Template (English)

Calle Lesson Plan Template (Spanish)

Calle Materials Guide Grades 4-6


Calle De La Lectura Lesson Plans

6th Grade Calle Model Lessons- El regalo de Mamá Fletcher


Comprehension Resources

Comprehension Protocol K-6

Protocol for Asking and Answering Questions

Engagement Strategies for Days 3 & 4 of Calle




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Instructional Options to Counterbalance Table

Example of Concept Wall with Gallery Walk (Noticing and Awareness Activities)

Example of Four Square Writing (Guided Practice Activities)

Example of Science Writing Project (Communicative Practice Activities)

List of Articles


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Warm-up Activity- Story Verb Cards

Noticing Activity Upper Grades- Gallery Walk/Conjugation Chart

Awareness Activity Upper Grades- Questions/Gramatical Rule/Story

Guided Practice Activity Upper Grades- Four Square Writing

Communicative Practice Activity Upper Grades- Periodista



Writing protocols and menus 6th



How to Register for Calle and Access Digital Resources

How to Build a Class in Calle

Technology Reference Sheet 6th grade


Evaluation Projects


Calle Website- Pearson Success Net